Soft-Goods Style Guide

Problem: Our Production Team was not meeting quotas which was creating frustrated customers, bad reviews, and a decline in business. One major area of delay was a lack of formal and standardized production documentation. Most of production was done through tribal-knowledge and vague inconsistent standards. Solution: Redesign our product assembly documentation. I identified a need … Read More

Camera Harness T-Strap

Riding a bicycle with a camera can be a cumbersome experience. This product was designed in order to solve the problem of a camera swinging around from back to front while on the ride.There are several similar products on the market already, many of them with similar solutions using a T-strap design. However, this design … Read More

Event Tent Design

Bike Depot – now BikesTogether is a non-profit bicycle workshop that provides services and classes to riders of all types, ages, and experience levels. They needed a new event tent that would better communicate this to the public and set their space apart from others. Using Bike Depot’s existing logo and messaging, I created new … Read More

Seat Covers

I believe that in order to achieve successful design it is critically important to consider the customer’s experience as well as the manufacturing process, and optimize for both. I have designed well over a 100 perfect fit seat covers for a nationally distributed company. I am responsible for every step from determining need for a … Read More

A Stuffed Knife

This project was inspired by a wild idea from a 3 year old girl who wanted “a knife to sleep with…” While this knife should be unmistakable, it should also be unmistakably a toy, and of course, no sharp edges. With those requirements in mind, I felt the best solution was to scale up the … Read More

Messenger Bag Tech Pack

A sample tech pack for a messenger bag. This tech pack explains in detail how this messenger bag is to be constructed. Anyone with a cut-sew facility should be able to replicate this product from scratch. Below are several sample pages from the package. Product Illustration Colorways Bill of Materials   Feature Callouts Applique Sewing … Read More