Problem: Our Production Team was not meeting quotas which was creating frustrated customers, bad reviews, and a decline in business. One major area of delay was a lack of formal and standardized production documentation. Most of production was done through tribal-knowledge and vague inconsistent standards.

Solution: Redesign our product assembly documentation. I identified a need for a formal Style guide and product specific diagrams. Standardizing all of our products would keep all the How-To information in one place while allowing the Assembly document to highlight the product-specific features, eliminate uncertainty along the way, and remove subjective opinions throughout the production process.

Research & Process: I consulted each team in the factory to learn what they already knew, and what would be helpful to know when assembling a product. Based on their tribal knowledge, I created standards for all the products, and a standard diagram format to use for each specific product, replacing the inconsistent existing assembly documents.















Because of the multilingual operators in the factory, I created many graphics for the guide, and try to relay on them to show most of the specifications.



I also color-coded call-outs where ever possible to help with finding related information.










Another Example of color coded illustrations and information.



With the addition of this standardization of our products, our efficiency has more than doubled in the past year.