Soft-Goods Style Guide

Problem: Our Production Team was not meeting quotas which was creating frustrated customers, bad reviews, and a decline in business. One major area of delay was a lack of formal and standardized production documentation. Most of production was done through tribal-knowledge and vague inconsistent standards. Solution: Redesign our product assembly documentation. I identified a need … Read More

Sanderson Gulch Trail Improvements

The Sanderson Gulch Trail system identification is based on the history of the area it is situated in from the Arapaho people who first lived here to the industrial development of the gold-rush era. The pallet is based on colors found in nature along the trail and paired together for maximum impact through out the … Read More

Product Catalog

Layout design, graphics, and product and lifestyle photography created for Watson & Co‘s 2014 Product catalog:

My old website.

I love how simple and fun this was. All of the components were built out of cardboard and digitally photographed on a table-top setup before being cleaned up in Photoshop. Click on the screenshot to go back in time.