Sanderson Gulch Trail Improvements

The Sanderson Gulch Trail system identification is based on the history of the area it is situated in from the Arapaho people who first lived here to the industrial development of the gold-rush era. The pallet is based on colors found in nature along the trail and paired together for maximum impact through out the … Read More

Portfolio Box

In the process of producing my printed portfolio, I decided I would need to design a carrying case for it. This case would have to hold and protect two fairly heavy books (my portfolio and workbook), stay true to the style, and also draw a lot of attention and wow my audience once opened. I … Read More

Seat Covers

I believe that in order to achieve successful design it is critically important to consider the customer’s experience as well as the manufacturing process, and optimize for both. I have designed well over a 100 perfect fit seat covers for a nationally distributed company. I am responsible for every step from determining need for a … Read More